BSc (Hons)., MSc., Dip.Ed., Dip L.L.L.T.,

Steven Warren has been a consultant since 1988 and in 1998 Steven was International Training Consultant for a company with a prescence in over thirty countries worldwide.

As mentioned elsewhere here on the website Steven has amased considerable experience within both national and international business development by presenting his skills with people development and people management through training and support.

Steven is an accomplished speaker and author with a high profile on the international and national speaking circuit. With over 35 years of extensive and versatile experience as a keynote presenter, workshop and seminar facilitator, lecturer and public speaker who is known to capture and hold the attention of his audience.

In addition to his considerable experience and knowledge gained from international research Steven provides powerful, moving and relevant stories of patients and people, lives and living, to illustrate the ideas being presented.

From 2006 to 2012 Steven was Chairman and Technical Director of Medilux Healthcare Ltd, which marketed advanced medical treatment and services internationally to patients, doctors as well as hospitals and under his guidance educated thousands to self-empowerment over their illness and subsequent recovery.

During a career spanning over 35 years, he has inspired tens of thousands of people worldwide to search and find balance in their life and work, peace of mind, motivation, mindful-living and humour. His clarity, style, humour and total knowledge of his subject, combined with his personal story, can engage an audience; motivating, inspiring and reconnecting them with their passion or "joie de vivre".

A respected and well qualified leader in his field; he has the skills to communicate to every kind of audience in an entertaining manner.

Steven uses wisdom from his 35-year experience with illness as a transformative process to help inspire wellness, prevent illness and promote mental and physical health. Steven is also recognised and respected by the medical profession and integrated - complementary healers for his balanced approach to the treatment and healing of a variety of illnesses and working with life transitions.

In addition to his work with individuals using a one to one approach Steven also runs lectures, seminars and workshops both from his home base in London and throughout the UK as well as internationally. He is also offering online courses and seminars and one to one sessions.


International and UK media experience over a period of 25 years including: Television ; Corporate seminars and lectures ; National press ; Live phone-ins ; Radio ; articles and commentaries in professional and consumer press.


Research within the academic field as well as personal appearances presented on an international level, in over 30 countries, ensures a lively, mature, presentable 'showman' that can share in layman's terms the vast knowledge of his insights into the fascinating world of human potential and personal transformation.


Formally neuroscience, counselling, clinical psychology specialising in terminal care, bereavement, chronic pain, crisis management - NHS and private practice. Corporate trainer and media presenter. Over 35 year's professional experience.


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