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Welcome to meditech.com, the corporate Web site for Medical Information Technology, Inc., or MEDITECH as we are commonly known. A leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for over 41 years, MEDITECH provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of health care organizations worldwide. The organizations we serve include hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations.

We invite you to look at our mission driving our development efforts, meet our executive team and corporate partners, get an overview of the software solutions we offer, and see how our customers are successfully using these solutions in their organizations today. If you are interested in learning more about our company and products, please call 781-821-3000 to speak with a MEDITECH representative.

6.0 | A New Generation of Health Care Technology for Integrating Care

Product Details

Hospitals -MEDITECH provides a comprehensive and integrated Health Care Information System (HCIS) designed to help your organization increase patient safety, streamline processes, and improve communication across departments and care teams. Our solution helps staff react more quickly to issues and changing conditions by automatically pushing information out to the appropriate personnel and displaying it in a meaningful form. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information is available where and when users need it, resulting in more informed and effective treatment and decision making.

Our solution includes products designed to meet the needs of clinicians and staff throughout the continuum, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, laboratory technicians, business office personnel, executives, human resource managers, and financial staff. Likewise, all applications are fully integrated, facilitating the seamless exchange of demographic, clinical, and financial information between departments and care teams.

MEDITECH's HCIS includes the following solutions to meet your organization's unique needs. Additional products can also be added as those needs evolve. http://meditech.com/ProductBriefs/Pages/producthcis.htm

Physician Practices - Cordinating Care wtih Physician Practices - Whether you have existing practice management systems in place or are in the market for new systems, MEDITECH provides a variety of solutions for collaborating care across the hospital and physician practice settings. This close collaboration promotes more informed decision making and better management of patients' chronic conditions.

MEDITECH provides you with the option to use our integrated Medical and Practice Management solution or to exchange information with another physician practice system of your choice through one of our interoperability solutions. Interoperability solutions include both our Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Exchange suite and Forward Advantage's Data Express product.

MEDITECH will work with your health care organization to determine the solution, or combination of solutions, to best address your unique data exchange requirements.

Medical and Practice Management Integration
If you are looking to implement a new practice management solution, Medical and Practice Management (MPM) provides a fully integrated solution developed by our wholly owned subsidiary LSS Data Systems and designed to serve the needs of clinicians and administrative staff in practices and clinics. The system includes a comprehensive set of tools designed to fully automate physician practices and clinics, including scheduling, registration, electronic records, open item billing (electronic claim submission and remittance), ambulatory order management, a physician's desktop, and statistical and reimbursement reporting.

Seamless integration with the MEDITECH enterprise HCIS is inherent in the MPM design. Executives in health care enterprises and other larger organizations can integrate physician practices and clinics within their organizations to provide a patient-centric approach to managing patients' health care across the continuum.

Components of Medical and Practice Management include:

- Physician Desktop
- Patient Record
- Ordering
- Authorization and Referral Management
- Scheduling


- Physician Billing and Receivables
- Scanning and Importing
- Patient Portal
- Health Maintenance and Disease Management

- Interoperability Suites
- Continuity of Care Document Exchange Suite

The Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Exchange Suite enables MEDITECH's HCIS to receive and display CCD or CCR (Continuity of Care Record) documents from non-MEDITECH systems and compile and send a CCD document as a response to requests from other vendor systems or Record Locator Services, all in accordance with current industry standards.

- Forward Advantage: Data Express Product

The Data Express product, offered through Forward Advantage, provides a one-to-many bi-directional interface suite between MEDITECH's HCIS and any number of other vendor physician practice systems. Information exchanged includes orders and clinical results for laboratory, radiology, and other departmental procedures.

Home Care

Our Home Care solution enables home health agencies to efficiently manage patient referrals, schedule appointments, place orders and document care from the patient's home, and bill for services. This solution also empowers patients using telemonitoring to proactively manage their treatments and outcomes through scheduled patient reminders, educational materials and instructions, and the ability to submit physiologic measurements to the home care agency. A hospice service line helps agencies manage the unique needs of hospice patients and their families, including IDT coordination, bereavement management, flexible billing, and continuous care time documentation.

Our Home Care solution consists of the following three products:

- Home Health
- Hospice
- well@home Telehealth


Long Term Care

MEDITECH offers a comprehensive set of long term care administrative and clinical functionality necessary to care for extended care patients and residents. Our solution consists of two integrated products designed to address the unique requirements of long term care, rehab, and LTAC facilities, including support for Prospective Payment Systems (PPS); resident trust accounting; a Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI); matrix billing; and an Inpatient Rehab Facility-Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI). The Long Term Care Administrative functionality can be purchased on its own, or in conjunction with the Long Term Care Clinical functionality, forming a single solution.

The following is an overview of the features included with our Long Term Care solution:
The Administrative functionality in our Long Term Care solution enables you to access all resident account information from a centralized location, maximizing efficiency by providing a streamlined flow of resident demographic information. A series of user-defined reports allow you to view and trend financial and statistical information throughout your health care enterprise. Functionality includes:

- Registration/Medical Records

- Abstracting

- Resident Trust Accounting

- Revenue Cycle (includes Bill Remit)

- Master Patient Index Conversion

- Demographic Recall Conversion

- Billing/Accounts Receivable (Balance Forward) Conversion.

For more specific functionality details, view the functionality brief.

The Clinical functionality in our Long Term Care solution includes a comprehensive and fully compliant Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) with many features to assist with the intensive RAI process. This system streamlines information, from initial ordering and verifying of results to daily resident charting, and presents all data immediately within a single automated chart. Functionality includes:

- Enterprise Medical Record

- Patient Care System

- Order Management.

For more specific functionality details, view the functionality brief.


Behavioural Health

Our Behavioral Health solution helps your organization manage both the quality and cost of care provided to behavioral health clients. Services supported range from emergency crisis intervention, acute and long-term care hospitalization, short-term episodic outpatient treatment services, and longer-term rehabilitative outpatient mental health services. Client information is integrated across departments and is always accurate and up-to-date to allow staff immediate access to the administrative, clinical, and financial statistics they need. Our system is designed to meet the unique requirements of the behavioral health environment, incorporating such features as care management, waitlisting, resident trust accounting, legal tracking, matrix billing, and support for DSM-IV diagnosis codes and Prospective Payment Systems (PPS).

Our Behavioral Health solution is offered through two distinct but integrated Adminsitrative and Clinical components. The Behavioral Health Administrative functionality can be purchased on its own, or in conjunction with the Behavioral Health Clinical functionality, forming a single solution.

The following is an overview of the features included with our Behavioral Health solution:
The Behavioral Health Administrative functionality includes the following features, as well as conversions for your organization's Master Patient Index, Demographic Recall, and Billing/Accounts Receivable (Balance Forward and comments):

- Registration/Medical Records

- Abstracting

- Risk Management

- Legal Status and Tracking

- Client Trust Accounting

- Revenue Cycle (includes Bill Remit).

For more specific functionality details, view the functionality brief.

The Behavioral Health Clinical functionality provides care coordinators with support for caseload management, enrollments, waitlist management, treatment planning, and assessments to promote comprehensive coordination of care across the enterprise. Functionality includes:

- Behavioral Health Care Manager

- Enterprise Medical Record

- Patient Care System

- Order Management.

For more specific functionality details, view the functionality brief.


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Simple, Secure & Efficient Health Care Communications

Premiere MedConnect’s mission is to be a leader in healthcare transformation by combining data analytics and advanced communication services in order to increase efficiencies, improve patient satisfaction and positively influence related outcomes in the burdened healthcare system. We help physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare focused organizations understand their market and engage people about their health and direct them to the appropriate resource. Call us today to start a 30-day free trial.


Our Advantage
Helping you achieve the access you need for a better healthcare future

"By taking advantage of existing resources, we are able to efficiently provide accurate, near real-time medical images to healthcare providers globally, providing them with the information they need to make informed patient care decisions in a timely fashion."

Traditionally only large medical centers were able to benefit from Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) while incurring high upfront and ongoing costs associated with hardware, software, licensing fees, implementation and support. Using a robust intelligent cloud based platform that is already fully integrated, we offer a seamless automation solution that makes complete PACS and RIS, image archiving and communications through a full array of advanced visualization tools- accessible anywhere, anytime.

Today’s medical environment demands efficient and cost-effective workflow providing access to healthcare professionals enabling them to make more informed patient care choices. Next generation web-based diagnostic imaging iCloud WebPACS provides an innovative way for medical images to be delivered and exchanged streamlining healthcare.

Our Offering
Improving Patient Communication

In record breaking speed, medical Imaging iCloud WebPACS supports the display and sophisticated maneuvering of medical images in full diagnostic resolution on any Internet-enabled PC or mobile digital device. By drawing upon the supercomputing power of the cloud, data is processed remotely at server farms with high-speed processors enabling large amounts of information to be handled simultaneously making the system noticeably more powerful.

iCloud WebPACS
Medical Imaging Technology

A unique digital imaging turnkey solution for all modalities delivered as you need them

A full suite of image interpretations, management and billing tools that allow for fast and accurate diagnosis

A modest “per use” pay as you go fee structure providing fast access for users even in low bandwidth



Company E Mix


The Sender

Selects the exam and other desired documents to send from a worklist of electronically stored radiology files
Uploads the "package" to eMix
Selects a recipient from a list of authorized users (User authorization and authentication preserve privacy and confidentiality and strengthen compliance with HIPAA provisions)

The Recipient

Receives an email notification from eMix
Logs in
Clicks on the package link and chooses the desired action, such as previewing the images and reports or download and view the DICOM image exam and related reports using the free DICOM viewer.

How Healthcare Enterprises Benefit

Turn a cost center into revenues
Enhanced service to your healthcare community
Vendor neutral cloud-based solution, no IT management, no hardware cost, no software cost, and no custom interfaces
8-layer security and HIPAA compliance

Increased efficiency

eMix provides an easy method to exchange patient images and information with outside healthcare institutions and providers, and physicians. Users have the option to be automatically notified as soon as exam information is available. All uploaded and received patient exams can be accessed from a single portal in real time.
Vendor neutral solution

Our vendor neutral solution allows your users to view any DICOM-based exam information throughout your enterprise, regardless of its origin. eMix is 100% Web-based, eliminating the need to establish and maintain custom interfaces between facilities.

With eMix, there is no hardware or software to purchase, making it a cost-effective method to quickly receive your patients’ images and reports for viewing.
Lower costs while generating revenue

With no hardware or software to purchase, per exam distribution costs are substantially lower than conventional methods of burning CDs or printing film. Your facility can use eMix to generate revenue by collecting a fee from patients for exam distribution. eMix will refund a portion of the usage fee to your facility for each exam transmitted.


1. How long do the packages stay on the eMix server?

Currently, packages will stay on the eMix server available for download for 30 days.

2. What are the contents of the package?

You control the contents of the package. Any DICOM compatible image or printable document can be eMixed. Typically, a package will contain a single exam and the associated report. However, the package could contain additional documents related to the exam, or even multiple related exams and reports.

3. Are the images within the package compressed?

eMix does not apply compression or decompress images. Uncompressed images will be packaged as uncompressed. Compressed images will be packaged and transmitted at the compression level applied prior to upload.

4. Can I choose multiple recipients?

Currently eMix only allows a user to upload packages to one recipient at a time. This capability will be expanded in a later release of the eMix platform.

5. How many times am I billed if I send one package to multiple recipients?

As with traditional couriers such as UPS or FedEx, if you want to send a package to multiple recipients, you will be charged one transaction for each recipient.

6. How does the recipient without a PACS view the package contents?

The package contents can be viewed by the recipient with the eMix DICOM Viewer which is included in every package. The recipient has the option to download the package contents with or without the eMix Viewer

7. Who can request a patient’s exam?

A.) A patient may request his/her own exams be transmitted to themselves or to another healthcare institution/provider;

B.) A healthcare institution in the process of providing care to a patient and requiring anterior exams may request them for comparison purposes;

C.) A physician not affiliated with a healthcare institution may request a patient’s prior exams.

In each case a complete and duly executed patient consent form must be obtained from the patient, with the exception of cases when access to the patient’s prior exams are necessary in the course of providing care.

8. Can I download the package multiple times?

Yes, however the package will be purged after 30 days. If the package is needed beyond 30 days, the Sender will need to upload it again.

9. How is patient identification verified when a patient requests their exam?

Patient identification is verified at the time of the exam. If the patient desires to receive their exam images and results via eMix, they will sign appropriate release forms during the exam registration process and provide an email address where they want to receive the package.

10. How long does it take to send a package?

The recipient will be automatically notified via email when a package is available to download. Upload speed is dependent on the Sender’s network capability.

11. Are both uploads and downloads HTTPS?


Scenario 1
A patient recently examined at your healthcare institution has been admitted at an unaffiliated hospital out-of-state. The hospital is requesting the patient’s exam information. Your staff has to take the time to create and mail a CD of the exam to the hospital. Your institution absorbs the time and materials cost of creating and sending the CD. With eMix, the process of sending exam information is as simple and fast as sending an email, and at a much lower cost than the traditional method of distributing exams.

Scenario 2
A patient admitted into your hospital was recently examined at another healthcare institution. The institution is not a member of your hospital network, but the exam information is needed quickly for emergency care. If the exam information is not accessible, the medical imaging exams will need to be repeated. eMix eliminates the need to repeat scans by making exam images available at the speed and simplicity of email regardless of where they were acquired.




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