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Introdcutory statement and summary

Working with individuals. I offer one-on-one sessions for discussion and exploration personal and professional issues be rather than in my former role as a therapist. Essentially I now work with people rather than just with patients. Read more

Marketing Advanced Medical Approaches Since 1998 I was actively involved in marketing advanced phototherapy devices and in 2006 I became chairman and technical director of an international advanced medical treatment marketing company. I deal with both the patients and family as well as their doctors and liaise with the healthcare team who are providing advanced medical treatment. Operating in 42 countries I have helped both patients, charities, healthcare authorities and journalists in the media to facilitate awareness worldwide of current and future treatment options.

Seminars talks and training events


Then there is the work with individuals based on my core models of the DC Effect and The Power of CaringRead more

Background. I began in the healthcare sector initially working in psychology and then moving into the rapidly developing area of primary healthcare. In the 1980's I developed training for doctors and healthcare staff in the areas of terminal care and chronic pain. Lecturing in a variety of settings from universities, hospitals, hospices

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