I work with individuals and largely healthcare organisations internationally. My consultancy has been operating since 1998 when I worked in over thirty countries for an international healthcare company as training director.

I work in person either face to face or by phone or Skype with individuals from a training and mentoring perspective to share both my knowledge and experience to assist in developing key skills in communication. Communication is not just with others but with our selves to see the strengths we already have in place and explore the areas where we have the knowledge but certain blocks remain in place to a clear and effective communication with a whole host of people. Our team with whom we work, those outside of our team and of course with either clients or as in the case of healthcare patients.

On returning to the UK in 2006 I built on my international experience and connections and established a company which offered advanced medical treatments to people worldwide.

I continue to work with both patients, their family and their doctors to facilitate exploring treatment options, providing the correct medical information and then arranging travel from their country of origin to the hospital located abroad to receive treatment.

If you are a doctor, patient family member or friend who is looking for treatments which are currently not offered in your county then please visit the section of my website which details both the treatments and medical conditions treated.


Working with the patient or family member to provide accurate information so that assessment of treatment offered can be completed quickly and efficiently during an emotionally stressful time for not only the patient but the family member who is working on behalf of the patient in exploring advanced treatment options.

Working with the patients doctor and healthcare team to provide accurate and relevant information about a treatment which the medical team in the patients country may not be aware of. Often recent scans and other medical information is a crucial element to successful treatment intervention. For example with CyberKnife Sterotactic Radiosurgery the size of the cancerous tumour is crucial in regard to being able to effectively treat. If even short delays in accurate assessment occur then a patient who could have been successfully treated is no longer a potential candidate for this lifesaving treatment.

Working with the centre or hospital healthcare team to enable clear communication. Many centres and hospitals are overwhelmed with contact from people who are looking for treatment. Often they do not take in the information provided and are effectively seeking a 'miracle cure'. Research has shown in serious often life threatening illness how a person goes through what is termed 'anticipatory grieving' and the first stage of this process is denial.

I work with the medical team including the patients doctor as well as the doctors offering advanced medical treatment and support the person through the process so that unrealistic expectations do not emerge from initial contact or inquiry.

I have been running a groups since 1984 for a variety of people and organisations. I am a trained group leader and know the dynamics of how both groups are structured and how they function so as to be enabled to produce the most creative and thereby productive goals.

The aim of the group content covers a wide range reflecting my thirty years experience in medical facilitation and working with people. Some examples are working with medical teams to share both my experience and some of the common problems or blocks to accurate and effective communication and how we can work to resolve such difficulties. Unrealistic expectations are a common feature and rather than denying discussion we can find ways to work with rather than to expect to resolve such common blocks.

If would wish to discuss and learn more then either download the article I have written and/or make direct contact with me via email (link)

I have been a trainer in both university and non university settings since 1984. I have also worked in over thirty countries and am therefore sensitive to the wide ranging cultural differences which operate.

As with group development my training courses reflect a broad range and do not just focus on healthcare issues. I work with my colleagues in areas of loss transition and change which can be due to illness, or life events and in my role I use my skills and insights from my career in counselling and psychotherapy to work with the person in mentoring capacity. 'I now see people and not patients' and mentor people who are working with natural life transitions be these in their career or personal life.

An Example : I recently worked with a hospital team in Germany to help four key members of the initial assessment team to help them work through communication issues both within their respective departments as well as with patients family members. One of the common issues that patients do not finally decide to visit for treatment even though treatment is clearly an option. I have been successful in enabling the patient to make that all important action decision by acting as a third person within the triangle of patient - foreign hospital - independent outside and empathic agent.

Due to the nature of our business we are often traveling and so the best way to make contact is via email at the general office email steven@consultstevenwarren.co.uk

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