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Meetings with UK Doctors and Proton Therapy Specialists to promote UK Patients Travelling to Europe for Proton Therapy.

As I am based in London I am working to promote the European Proton Centre which opened its door to international patients at the end of 2012.

My role is two fold. First to inform doctors in both the NHS as well as private sectors about the advantages of Proton Therapy over traditional treatments. After my initial contact I will then arrange for them to meet with the team here in London at The Royal Society of Medicine.

Secondly, I will be arranging with both the team at The Royal Society of Medicine so that I can facilitate the series of meetings later this month. Full Article.
The Long Distance Doctor Patient Relationship.

When I began working in the area of advanced medical treatment the term 'Medical Tourism' had only just hit the press. My colleagues and I were at pains to state that travelling for advanced rather than price related treatment was totally different from the driving force behind Medical Tourism however the term prevaild.

People facing a serious illness progrnosis are naturaly driven by totally different agendas with a whole host of powerful emotions associated with such a diagnosis.

They need good clear information; repeated opportunity to ask questions and to be guided to explore questions that they have not even thought of. The clincial team also needs support given that this may be the first time they have been involved in international referral. Full Article.
The First UK Patient Treated Via E112 Payment by NHS in Germany.

I worked with both a Primary Care Trust here in the UK and with The Department of Health here in Whitehall, London in order to enable a patient with an AVM treated in Germany under the newly formed E112 directive.

Essentially we had to show that there was no treatment comparable with the CyberKnife Radiosurgery outcome and so the NHS could release funds for treatment in Germany. Full Article.
Actor Patrick Swayze Treated with CyberKnife Radiosurgery and How I Worked with the Media.

When in 2009 the Hollywood and world famous actor was diagnosed with cancer one of the treatments he engaged in was CyberKnife Radiosurgery. The treatment originated in the US and was developed by the company Accuray, whom I worked with to open up centres in Europe.

However, it quickly became clear that many of the healthcare journalists didn't quite understand how the system operated and were therefore inadvertently copying inaccurate information. Full article


Due to the nature of our business I am often travelling and so the best way to make contact is via email at the general office email steven@consultstevenwarren.co.uk

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